I've listed and answered here the questions people ask me most often. -- Doug

Q: Have you ever met Alan Jackson?
A: Yes! In 2011. It was a great experience! He was very nice and so was his management group, record label folks, etc. We didn't talk long- he was getting ready to go on stage for his Atlantic City, NJ concert. He was friendly but a man of few words and very humble. I said "Thanks... Thanks for EVERYTHING!" And in typical Alan fashion, he just grinned and said, "Aww I didn't do nothin'." I got a photo with him and I gave him one of my four song CDs. Thanks to my sister Lynn, Mary Ann, Philly's 92.5 WXTU and Alan's staff for helping to make it happen.

Q: How long have you been impersonating Alan Jackson?
A: I started my country band in 2000, featuring Alan's songs, but I officially started doing "A Tribute To Alan Jackson" and working with the Las Vegas based show Legends In Concert in 2004.

Q: How long did it take you to be able to impersonate Alan like that?
A: Well, I'm not sure how long... months? years? It does take a lot of practice and studying, and it's something I have to keep up with... just like exercising, you just can't do it once and say you're done. It's an on-going study.

Q: Did you have plastic surgery?
A: No, but I've had people suggest I get brain surgery. : )

Q: How many times have you seen AJ in concert?
A: I think I've seen him in concert about seven times. I wish I could get to see more of his concerts, and other country concerts too, but I'm usually working- doing shows myself.

Q: How did you discover you looked like Alan and how did you get started doing this?
A: I listened to country music (and lots of other types of music at the time) and wore boots and a Charlie One Horse cowboy hat, but I didn't pay much attention to TV or what the country artists looked like. I guess 'round about the time Alan's second CD came out (Don't Rock The Jukebox), I had people start telling me I looked like him, so eventually out of curiosity I looked him up at the record store. I recognized his songs and it was odd seeing his picture, but at that time, it was nothing more than a strange coincidence that we looked alike.

Many years go by, and I put together a country band, Late Nite Rodeo, and we feature AJ songs. More years go by and we play at Bally's Wild West Casino in Atlantic City and the Production Manager of Legends In Concert, the show next door, stops by to hear us. I get an audition and I've been doing tribute shows since then. I feel blessed that I happen to look like Alan because I really love his music.

Q: Do you have your own CD?
A: I'm so glad you asked!!! : )


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